Alaska 2013 - GouldHome

These are the pictures from out 2013 trip to Alaska.  We spent one week sailing the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska on the National Geographic Sea Lion (a 60 person cruise ship run by Linblad).  Then we spend three nights at the North Face Lodge in Denali National Park.

There are 499 pictures in 11 different galleries, but if you are short of time be sure to look at the Best Pictures (first gallery).  There are also some more trip notes at the bottom of this page.




All the photographs (except in the Aerial gallery) have hand assigned GPS locations.  In many case, I had to guess at the location and I may or may not have selected the correct position.

Gear: Most of the picture were taken with my Sony NEX-5N camera with a Tamron 18-200 lens.  Although not the best gear, it was very light for hiking and flexible for a mix of wide angle and telephoto shots.    Some pictures were taken with a Canon S95 pocket camera, when the larger Sony was not available.  One picture was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 camera phone out the window of an airplane.  And 13 of the people pictures were actually taken by sister or brother-in-law with their pocket camera.

Many of the animals we photographs were quite far away so picture quality and image size suffers.

If you find any errors in identification, spelling, GPS location, etc. on this site, feel free to email me --